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Advanced Pain Management Health Strategies for People Seeking Personal Optimization Through Self-Sustainment, Personal Responsibility and Organic Lifestyle.

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We offer DIY growing products such as organic magic seeds, soils, and fertilizers.

Our custom-infused dietary supplements and oils are designed for healthy living. We promote all-natural pain management remedies to cure many aliments.

Personalized online pain management courses are focused on organic health strategies.

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Our mission is that you experience a renewed vigor without the pain that has plagued your ability to enjoy life.

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I've tried to provide content and material that reflects what you might learn within a weekend or by taking the Weekend training seminar. I hope you find these books of value to assist you taking the next steps of advancing your knowledge or prepare you to take the advanced pprepareness steps for growing hemp, and partaking in cannabis while staying employed. 

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How to properly cook with CBD, refining CBD oil, make your own gummies, identify qualities of hemp and cannabis . #neveraccept, #eliminateequality, #diversitydellusion, #targetWAM


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How to learn about superb opportunities in growing hemp, fertilization, aeration, organic principles, processing hemp, and partaking in cannabis within the rules of Michigan.

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Personal Excellence Originates From Discipline, Repeating Dedication to the Cause of Inalienable Freedoms!

11/25/2022 - (ONR) Newsroom - Nearly 30 Days to #51accountability, the uniparty in all capitals throughout the united states must know who they work for, not where they can line their pockets with extorted monies from intrusive policies. Join the efforts behind #51accountability, the biggest challenge against the absolute evils of tyranny and oppression driven by global elitists of the World Economic Forum through weak minded and immoral politicians.

9/20/222 - (ONR) Newsroom - King Charles “creator of the Great Reset”, President Biden & Governor Whitmer and Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum, activist supreme for crimes against humanity - align to enjoy the power to force Weapons of Mass Oppression on the Global society – hear the Glasgow Speech https://www.rev.com/blog/transcripts/prince-charles-cop26-climate-summit-glasgow-speech-transcript

9/4/2022 - (ONR) Newsroom - #Biden & Whitmer Regime focuses on weakening the US economy for the working class and small businesses. https://www.michiganbusiness.org/press-releases/2022/06/whitmer-welcomes-world-economic-forums-u.s.-centre-for-advanced-manufacturing-to-michigan/ all the while fabricating conditions thru jack-booted thugs perpetuating an instigation to assemble the makings of a crime - https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/08/04/fbi-director-wray-confirms-detroit-field-office-head-during-whitmer-kidnapping-debacle-now-leads-d-c-field-office/ political power plays to yield more aggression thru oppression against the citizenry al for the sake of  #bidenwhitmer control.

6-6-22 - (ONR) Newsroom - #51accountability – Here is the call for 51 Jan 6th annual peaceful demonstrations that are public events at all state and federal capitals to send the message to the government public servants that they do work for the people (solely) and any other pursuits will be vetted out and exposed. The goal of a public servant is to represent the will of the majority of constituents, not of their own personal indivdual interest and carryout the framers constitustional objectives so well written in the interest of Americans and America First.

6-6-22 - (ONR) Newsroom - Souring of farmland in the green energy power grip agenda on America’s economy. It’s hurting agriculatural and farming activities. Who in their right mind would sanction the use of productive tillable ground to be used to be occupied by soil souring solar panels, all in the virtue signaling of green energy. First, the enormous amount energy and work that it takes to make tillable ground – call it land improvements is very extensive and costly. Second, if the land had any crop yielding value, it produces inputs to the food supply chain that provides sustenance to humans. Third, what are the tax rates paid on the lands converted from crop producing uses to a non-productive but land absorbing solar panels.  Fourth, why can’t the solar panels be better placed on the parking lots or rooftops of major industrial buildings or placed upon top of the homes of the virtue signaling politicians. Remember there is no assurance that massive conversion to using a less reliable energy source at any cost will actually yield a positive adjustment to climate that is better than what we are experiencing today. In fact, its predicted that the blame game will start as to why the entire green movement is a failure.  It will be blamed on the Chinese, India and others that are not adopting such radical policies that undoubtedly weaken the economic engine of a nation.  On the other hand is this done by DESIGN? can you say "the great reset".......

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